Have photos projected onto either a projector screen or white wall at your event. We will even scan your hard-copy photographs for free. Projector and Screen or 50" TV  (if needed) supplied 

* Photo Booth Rental  with Professional Attendant

* Unlimited Sessions

* Instant prints in 20 seconds and Email available

* Lots of Props (hats,wigs,funny glasses, etc..) 

* Guest will get a photolab quality 4'x6' print or       2'x6'  print 

* FREE Custom logo / message on all the prints

* Disc for the happy couple with all the digital files taken on your event

* Open Booth included! 

confetti cannon

Enjoy your first dance and private 

last dance in this stunning effect which

photographers LOVE ! ( 2 dances )

You can also add this to Package 2 

Subject to Venue Approving

$175.00 Flat Fee 


$75.00 Flat Fee.


smoke machine

Subject to your Venue Approving

Sometimes your venue may be on the larger side, or you may have a large turnout of guests. If you have over 150+ I recommend an additional 2 speakers to be placed half way into the room so that the levels do not have to be too high so that the guest close to the front are not blasted ! You will also get great Surround Sound.

$450.00 Flat Fee

Subject to your Venue Approving

$300.00 Flat Fee.

Have a personal message, name or image projected on to your dance floor or Wall.


Have your first dance, and others if you so wish, under 4 white spotlights which your photographers will love !

Great for a 1st dance or your exit, 2 machines placed to shower you in pretty bubbles. 

$150.00 Flat Fee ( $250.00 without Photobooth )

Bubble machine

$75.00 Flat Fee

2 additional speakers

$195.00 Flat Fee.

spot light dances

$50.00 Flat Fee

Add any of the below services to your Wedding Package # 1 :-

$100.00 Flat Fee.

$75.00 Flat Fee



If you book the photobooth, why not add the photo guest book for an additional $150.00 ?

When your guests arrive, they will be photographed with any color backdrop. The photograph will then be printed for the guests to write a message and sign. This will then displayed on a message board at your event which you will then take home at the end of the evening and with DVD of all images.

( without Photo Booth, price is $250.00 )

Classy and Stylish Mood Lighting for your event. 8-12 Up Lights Included

$225.00 Flat Fee .